5 countries where you can't dress as you wish

You might be in a country where you will be wearing whatever you feel comfortable with but there are countries around the world where others dictate what you should wear. It might seem to be very strange for you but that's true. Here are the list of 5 countries with strict dress code.

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    North Korea

    Hair should be kept 1-5cm in length and have to be trimmed every 15 days. Likewise, women caught wearing trousers can be punished with forced labour and fines.

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    In the year 2014, there was outrage as 9 women faced 40 lashes for the crime of wearing western-style slacks. Thousands of Sudanese women are arrested every year for the offenses for wearing short skirts and partying with men. Not only women, in 2010 seven men, models at a fashion show, were convicted and fined for not showing the decency by wearing make-up.

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    Saudi Arab

    You will not be speared even if you are a froreign when it comest to the dress code here. if you’re a woman and you have entered Saudi Arabia, flashing even an inch of flesh is a criminal act. Muslim women must wear a niqab and long black cloak called an abaya, while foreigners women can get away with a long coat and bare head that too if they dare to do so. Thinking of private party, just leave it in a dream, 65 men were put in jail in 2009 as they are found partying and cross dressing.

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